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[SOLO] Shin HyeSung - Purple Rain

Hurm... I should've known when I tried this song =_= For some reason, whenever I try to lower the input level for my microphone, it won't move from 100% EVER. So I can't roar like I used to... And then I raised it three steps to see if I could reach the notes at the beginning, but it turned out demonic and horrid XD I couldn't raise it anymore cuz then I'd be busting a gut in the chorus. Oh well.

With all that said, here's the incomplete version aka "the only parts good enough to listen to." Enjoy~!

Click to Play/Download!

So I tried it again this morning, and I don't sound AS evil (but I still sound evil. Beware~). Thus--

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[solo] tegomassu - Miso Soup

hajimemashite! ekkusu desu. 

this is my first song and first post in this community. yoroshiku onegaishimasu!~  ^__^

Miso Soup - ekkusu (take 5)

i think that this is a song that i won't get tired to keep redo-ing, coz i'm never truly satisfied with the ending result... just look at how many re-takes i have already xD

comments are appreciated ^_^


Poll #1207307 Morning Musume Mini-Album!

Would you guys be interested? (( 5-6 songs tops, good variety of their styles.)) :"D

Hecks yes! :"DD
Eh.. if I have time.
Not s'much. D;

Okay! So I had a crazy idea - Morning Musume Mixer Mini-Album.

Song ideas that I have compiled for this so far are:
Roman! My Dear Boy, PV Here
Shabondama, PV Here
Mr. Moonlight ~ AI NO BIG BAND, PV Here
Happy Summer Wedding, PV Here
THE Manpower, and PV Here
Osaka Koi no Uta!PV Here

((I'll do a batch upload of the songs tomorrow, but for now, the PV's are attached! :"D on Youtube. ^_^ ))

I think it covers a really good variety of what they have - but I also love input from fellow collaboration-members and creators on song opinions. :"3 That's the point of a collab, right?

I was just wondering if anybody would be interested in starting to work on this sometime in early July.

Deadlines would be at least a month and a half after the starting date, if this takes off.

I was thinking of a setup like this:

List of the MoMusu members that are in all of the songs.
Collab members pick one ((or more depending on collab turnout)) MoMusu member and stick them out, whatever songs they may or may not be in.
So, for example, I'd probably go with Yoshizawa Hitomi... I'd sing all of Yossui's parts in every song Yossui's in, but unless another part needs covering, I'd ONLY sing Yossui's parts // where she's involved...

What do you guys think?


[signup] Seramyu - La Moon

I could swear I checked just a few seconds ago and the deadline was May 28, but I guess it's the 30th... meaning, anyone up for a last-minute collab submission to the contest? :P

I will make it a short song, and I've already got lyrics, except they're under my bed forgotten somewhere, so let's rewrite them as I go -- for now, how about just collecting enough people to be the 5 inner senshi, who can record today and... now-ish? :P

If this doesn't work... well... we can always do it as a regular collab ;P

Download here

EDIT:  Yes we are doing this as a regular collab, I guess. ;P


[Mercury] the last chance is now, will you take it?

[Venus] leave behind the past, we cannot change it

[Mercury/Venus] slip deep into the mystery of love

[Mars] hold my hand and look deep in my eyes

[Jupiter] as Time draws us into her embrace
[Mars/Jupiter] we will endure as we fly far away

[Moon] the moonlight shines bright
as my memories draw near
now watch Fear fall away
maybe now we'll

[All] understand this love

can you bring forth the courage to search for the answers that you need?
how long must we wander here, silenced, all in fear?

but even so I'll stay here, by your side, my dear
as long as you need
for the future of the stars
can you see it in my eyes?
La Moon

Sailormoon: prissi 
Sailormercury: kakorii (received)
Sailormars: aikyuu (received)
Sailorjupiter: nikki_wright (received)
Sailorvenus: jess (received)

e-mail parts to unwaveringly at gmail dot com please. due: June 4th; it's rather short and I wanna get it out of the way ;) 

Status: all parts received; mix finished -- sent off. \o/


[COLLAB] DBSK - Love in the Ice

Hoorayyyyy! It's done!! ^.^~~ I didn't do sexy effects on the choruses and stuff like I originally wanted to, cuz I'm tired (and my comp can't handle it, atm :X ). But I think it's sexy enough by itself, wouldn't you agree?EDIT: I've updated with the sexiness! ;D *pokesstabs link*

[Click to Play/Download!]
[Lyrics and stuff because, yes, I'm lazy XDD]

Super sexy, y'all XD By howdy~


[SOLO] DBSK - Purple Line

Ahaha~ Suddenly it seems like people are a lot more active XD *warm fuzzy feeling?*

Anyway, I have to admit... when I first heard this song, I instantly skipped it when I heard "really wanna touch myself" in the lyrics o_o Turns out, I only took one song from the album. But then, [some things happened] and I decided to record this as a test for something (but nothing came out of my test, dang it =_="). And... I guess it kinda grew on me XD BUT ANYWAY

Click to Play/Download!

o_o" I do not wanna touch myself...


[COLLAB] SM Town - Sarang Hanajyo

*whew* Third Korean collab finished XD Great job everyone! (I also tried something funky while mixing the choruses XD I wonder if anyone can hear it...)

[Click to Play/Download!]
Original sign-up post with lyrics and stuff here cuz I'm too lazy to edit up a new post XD

Also... I noticed the Soundclick hasn't been updated since Punkish o_O

Soo... I was wondering if there were any objections to uploading the other collabs. If you don't want it on the omgkaraoke Soundclick, let it be known in this post :O


[COLLAB] Eden's Crush - Get Over Yourself

Sorry for the delay!
Finally, the "Get Over Yourself" Collab.
So...it sorta turned into a trio work.
Thanks to Steph and Christina! You're both amazing.

Download/Listen Here

Green and Pink omegazen 
Orange and Bluecherrymania 
Purple and Red kazumine 


Thanks for signing with me!
This was fun.

Listen/Download here

Verbal: omegazen
Ryohei: tomo_naki
Emi: kazumine


LOL.. yeah.. the talk part is not korean..
it's my own translation.. (and a pretty cheesy one, IMO.. @ cams, don't laugh! LOL)
this song was my last entry for the IDOL contest.. but since,

hirokibaby found the instrumental.. i decided to post up a cleaner version.. just to celebrate me singing korean. LOL.. thanks again, louisa.

anyways, i'm more satisfied with this.. it's clearer. i wish i could've passed this one instead. LOL

Because I'm a Girl was recommended to me by a friend, when i was panicking on which korean song to sing. the first time i heard the song, i fell in love with it. and i found out that i'm not the only one who did.. bcoz this song's been translated into so many languages.. including Filipino.


so, here it is..

Because I'm a Girl


constructive criticisms are welcomed!


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